The Demographics of Redding CT Reveal a Great Deal About the Area

demographics of redding ct

Individuals looking for the simplicity of small town life need look no further than Redding, Connecticut. Home to under 10,000, the town remains convenient to big-city attractions, allowing residents to have the best of both worlds. In 2013, Connecticut Magazine named it the second best small town in the state, and CNN Money, back in 2009, highlighted Redding as the fourth best town nationwide. Many wonder about the Demographics of Redding CT and whether the town is right for their unique situation.

On the Rebound

Redding Connecticut demographics have changed greatly over the years. During the 1790 census, the town was home to 1,503. The biggest changes were seen during the 1920 census and the 1970 census. Between 1910 and 1920, the population decreased by 21.6 percent, yet it rose by 66.4 percent during the period between 1960 and 1970. Today, Redding is home to 9,199 individuals.

Demographics of Redding CT

When one asks about key demographics of Redding CT, they usually wish to know the average age of the population and family makeup. The median age of residents in the town is 46 years of age, and almost half have lived in Redding for a period of five years or more. Annual turnover for the town is ten percent. Eighty-eight percent of residents are married as of the 2015 census, and this figure is higher than the 76 percent figure seen in Fairfield County.

Age Distribution in the Town

Many, when hearing the median age is 46, wonder about children living in the area. Although the largest age group in Redding is those between the ages of 50 and 59, there remains a sizable population of children. In fact, approximately 25 percent of the population is between the ages of zero and 19.

Success Is in the Air

The median household income for Redding, Connecticut is $124,399, more than double that of the median household income for the entire United States, which comes in at $52,961. The average household net worth is much higher as well. For the United States, this figure runs $495,853, yet in Redding, CT, it runs $1,285,476. These Demographics of Redding CT, likely reflect the fact that 64 percent of residents possess a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Home Values in Redding, Connecticut

Individuals wishing to move to the area often focus on one of the key Redding CT demographics, which look at home values. The average home price in this town is $907,026, yet the average home sells for only $549,298. This is significantly higher than home values across the United States, where the average home sells for $299,488.

Rental Properties in Redding

For those wishing to rent property in the area, one can expect to pay $2,000 for a single bedroom unit and $4,050 for a four bedroom residence. The average rental price for all properties is $3,395. This varies greatly from Fairfield County as a unit and Connecticut as a whole. One bedroom units tend to be more expensive in Redding, but larger rental properties tend to be cheaper than those seen in the county or across the state.

Take all of the above information into account when researching the demographics of Redding, Connecticut. Many individuals find this town to be perfect for their needs. Everyone is sure to find something they love about the area.

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