Ridgefield, CT Youth Sports Offer Numerous Opportunities for Children

Ridgefield CT Youth Sports

Approximately 35 million children in America play organized sports each year, according to Statistic Brain, with 60 percent participating in sports outside of school. Parents, when
relocating to a new area, often wish to know more about the available sports programs, and many look into Ridgefield CT Youth Sports before they decide if this community is to be their new home. Whether parents are looking to know more about football, baseball, soccer, or numerous other sports, Amy Mosley can be of help. She understands the need for children
to get physical activity on a regular basis and works with parents to find the right sports league for their child.

Ridgefield, CT Youth Sports: Football And Cheer leading

Football and cheer remain popular activities in the Ridgefield area, and parents find they can sign their child up for flag football, tackle football or cheer leading all on the same website,available at www.ridgefieldyouthfootball.org. Coaches share information through this site and parents learn more about their child’s team, schedule, practices and more. In addition,the Ridgefield Tigers Youth Football Spirit Store recently opened, and parents can click through to the store using the website. Although registration for tackle football and cheer ended in August, parents learn about upcoming important dates just by visiting the site. It’s definitely a resource for any parent whose child wishes to participate in one of these activities.

Ridgefield, CT Youth Sports: Youth Baseball

The Ridgefield Little League Baseball organization (www.ridgefieldlittleleague.org) started with only six teams, yet has grown significantly in the more than 50 years it has been in
operation. Boys and girls may now play on more than 140 teams, including softball teams, starting with T-ball all the way up through the majors and the Holland division. Travel teams
are also offered through the league, ensuring the right fit for every child who wishes to play. Parents may find directions to fields, register online, check the events calendar, or look to
see if someone found an item their child lost while playing. This site offers a wealth of information and resources for anyone wishing to play baseball in the area.

Ridgefield, CT Youth Sports: Soccer

Soccer remains one of the most popular sports in the world, and Ridgefield, CT, is no exception. Parents looking to sign their child up to play soccer find the Soccer Club of
Ridgefield or SCOR (www.scor.org) website to be very helpful. Parents may register their child online, visit the online store, volunteer to help with the league and more. Coaches and
managers also find valuable information on this site, and anyone wishing to know more can read about the club, its sponsors, and the program overview. Any parent wanting to know
more will find this website provides all of the answers they need before committing to this sport. Many families moving to the area have children that have been involved in organized sports and/or have previously been competing in a sport at a high level. Whether you are looking to introduce your child to a sport or continue to develop their skill sets at a competitive level, Ridgefield youth sports programs offer something for everyone. You will find that weekends in Ridgefield are dedicated to youth sport games, whether at the beginner, intermediate, advanced or premier level. Youth Sports in Ridgefield CT provide kids and parents alike a great opportunity to socialize while building the needed skills to become future high school athletes.

Additional Resources

Lacrosse: www.ridgefieldlax.com

Softball: www.ridgefieldgirlssoftball.org

Basketball: www.rbahoops.com

Swimming: www.racswimming.org/Home.jsp?team=ctrac

Volleyball: www.ctsportscenter.com/cjvahome.html

Tennis: www.intensity.club/tennis/junior-tennis-programs/

Cycling: www.ctcyclingadvancement.org

Track and Field: www.usatf.org/clubs/search/info.asp?associationNumber=5

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