Ridgefield CT School Systems Are A Stand-Out By Any Standard Of Measurement


Among Connecticut suburbs, the community of Ridgefield CT is known for the academic excellence associated with its public school system. Along with an enjoyable standard of living, the Ridgefield, Connecticut, school system rounds out this quality community. Within the ridgefield school systems, there are thirteen schools, with nine public schools and four privately run academies. In addition, there are approximately sixteen private preschools currently operating within the community.

All public schools from K-12th grades are included in the same district, known as the Ridgefield School District. Of these public schools, there are eight ridgefield elementary schools, four Ridgefield middle schools, and one ridgefield high school. The ridgefield school systems have always been a source of civil pride, as they consistently rank highly on both the state and national levels.

Elementary education

Elementary or “grade schools” in Ridgefield consist of Barlow Mountain Elementary School, Branchville Elementary School, Farmingville Elementary School, Ridgebury Elementary School, Scotland Elementary School and Veterans Park Elementary School.

Class ratio

The student – teacher ratio per classroom averages 13.5 for all elementary schools in the Ridgefield Public School system, as compiled by the website Elementaryschools.org.

Middle School

The ridgefield middle school group includes East Ridge Middle School and Scotts Ridge Middle School. Scotts Ridge Middle School is the newest school in the Ridgefield system, sharing a spacious campus and several outdoor facilities with Ridgefield High School.

High School

Students attending public high school are all served by attending Ridgefield High School. This high school is proud to rank 8th out of all high schools within the State of Connecticut as compiled by US News and World Report. Ridgefield High School has a total enrollment of 1,772 students, led by a team of 121 full-time teachers and qualified instructors. Student enrollment figures also list the student body with a 48% female and 52% male student body ratio.

College level coursework

Much of the high ranking and prestige awarded to this high school is due to the fact that students with demonstrated academic abilities are able to take Advanced Placement college-level courses while still in high school. Students successfully completing these courses are then able to take exams that allow them to bypass these courses once they enter the college of their choice. Participation in “AP” level courses is nearly 60 percent, a higher-than-average figure when compared to all high schools nationwide as compiled by U.S. News and World Report ranking criteria.


In addition, the nationally recognized U.S. News has found Ridgefield High School to rank in top categories for proficiency in basic academic subjects. These figures are calculated using the overall performance of students on state high school exit exams and pre-college exams taken to establish pre-college readiness. Ridgefield High School was pleased to be able to show a 97% percentile of proficiency in reading and a 98% percentile proficiency in mathematics. For those high school students planning further post-secondary education, the “College Readiness Index” was calculated to be at a higher than average level of 56.6%.


One of the ways in which the Ridgefield CT school systems achieves its high recommendation from students, parents and teachers is due to the communication that exists between the school board and the community. Through their website located online at http://www.ridgefield.org/pd/Ridgefield/index.html, parents can see daily updates for each school and get advanced information about special events. Snow days, vacation schedules and school lunch menus are also regularly posted for the convenience of parents.

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