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Few things are as important to parents as the care, nurturing, and intellectual and social development of their children. Parents in the Ridgefield area look to Ridgefield CT Pre Schools to provide this all-important first step in their child’s academic career. There are a number of truly exceptional preschools in Ridgefield CT, some of which have been in operation for decades. Parents will have little trouble finding an exemplary preschool program for their children in the Ridgefield area. Favorite options of local parents include the following:

Landmark Preschool – Ridgefield Campus

Landmark Preschool’s Ridgefield campus is situated on 42 picturesque acres and serves children from the ages of one to four. Their program begins by providing activities designed to develop children’s social and language skills, motor skills, and cognitive abilities. It is the program’s goal to encourage children to develop a natural love of learning and exploration that will last a lifetime.

St. Stephen’s Nursery School

St. Stephen’s Nursery School began over 45 years ago as a service to the families of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church as well as to the larger Ridgefield, CT, community. Their preschool program provides rich developmental opportunities for children in the three and four-year-old range as well as a transitional kindergarten program. This program recognizes the interconnectedness of all aspects of child development and seeks to foster growth in the following areas: social, cognitive, spiritual, creative and physical skills. Children are encouraged to make friendships, develop self-esteem, and enjoy the learning process.

Ridgefield Community Kindergarten

Ridgefield Community Kindergarten, begun over 50 years ago, enjoys a rich history of service to area children. This enriching program is housed in the mansion and former home of Connecticut Governor Phineas Lounsbury, and is based on the philosophy that children learn best when given ample opportunity to play, explore and experiment. The Ridgefield Community Kindergarten offers toddler time once a week and drop-off programs for two, three and four year olds, as well as a transitional kindergarten for five-year-olds.

Creative Children’s Korner (CCK)

Creative Children’s Korner (CCK) has a hands-on approach to learning. In CCK’s 40 plus years of providing foundational educational and enrichment activities for preschool age children, they have developed a curriculum of planned activities that foster growth and development in children, meeting them where they are, and moving them forward. They encourage children to ask questions and discover the world at their own pace. They offer programs for children who are three and four, a pre-kindergarten program, special enrichment classes, as well as summer programs.

The Growing Tree Nursery School

Children at the Growing Tree Nursery School are encouraged to develop a sense of “confident wonder” about the world. This program for three and four-year-olds seeks to help children develop their full potential as curious, kind, respectful and self-confident individuals. The program is unique in that teachers willingly make home visits prior to the start of a child’s first enrollment, easing any anxiety about going “to school.”

Great Ridgefield CT Pre Schools employ loving, patient teachers with training and experience in child development. They also provide curricula that offer age-appropriate opportunities to nurture children’s social, emotional and educational growth. A good preschool program gives children a wide variety of opportunities to interact with and explore the world. It sets in place a foundation of educational skills that will provide a basis for future education and nurtures a child’s developing sense of self, social skills and independence.

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