Ridgefield CT Demographics Reflect Prosperity, Stability And A Pleasant Lifestyle

Ridgefield CT Demographics

Tucked into the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains in Fairfield County, Ridgefield, CT, is a beautiful, vibrant New England town that reflects a deep respect for their more than 300 years of history. Today’s residents and visitors enjoy participating in civic activities; have an appreciation for culture, fine shopping and dining. They also value a healthy, outdoors lifestyle available in the several parks and other outdoor venues.

Ridgefield CT is Just the Right Size

Ridgefield is large enough to have the lifestyle people are looking for, but small enough to retain its small town charm.

Looking at the history of Ridgefield CT, Ridgefield was first settled by English colonists in 1708, Ridgefield was incorporated in 1709. By 1790, Ridgefield had a total of 1,790 residents. Growth was slow during the next 100 years, even declining during the middle years of the 19th century, especially during the Civil War period. However, by 1900, the census showed that Ridgefield had a population of 2,626.
From 1901 to the present, the population of Ridgefield slowly increased. The 2010 census declared a population of 24,638.

There was a population dip during the 1920s, possibly because many people in rural areas moved to the cities during that period. However, each census typically shows more people have discovered the lifestyle they were searching for in Ridgefield.

Ridgefield Resident Demographics

The percentage of married Ridgefield residents is markedly higher than in the state of Connecticut or the nation as a whole. About 66% of Ridgefield residents are married compared to only 56% in the state of Connecticut.

Ridgefield CT has a strong community. In the year 2000, married couples or families having one or more children occupied 70% of the 8,433 households in Ridgefield. Single people or non-family households made up the balance. Children receive an excellent education with the nine Ridgefield CT public schools and two private schools.

A Little Bit Older but Doing Very Well, Thank You

Ridgefield CT residents are slightly older than those living in the rest of Connecticut or the U.S. This may be because people tend not to move when they really enjoy where they are living, thus pushing up the median age in a particular location. Ridgefield’s median age is 41.5 years old, compared to 40 years old for Connecticut and 37.2 years old for the U.S.

Enjoying the Good Life

Ridgefield residents work hard and enjoy the benefits. The median household income is substantially higher than in Connecticut at large, $107,354 in 2012. This contrasted sharply to Connecticut’s median household income of $67,276. Ridgefield’s estimated per capita income in 2012 was $68,295.

Home Values are Higher in Ridgefield

Home values in Ridgefield represent the value placed on the Ridgefield lifestyle and the beauty of their surroundings. In 2012, the median home value was $619,208, compared to only $267,800 in Connecticut as a whole. The value of homes in Ridgefield has grown by about 50% since 2000, when the median value was $401,200. About 72% of homes are owner-occupied, higher than in either the state or the nation.

Home values are substantially higher than in the state as a whole. Ridgefield population and demographics are representative of a growing town where people enjoy building a life for themselves and their families.


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