Ridgefield CT Chamber Of Commerce Personifies Successful Business and Citizen Support


The Ridgefield CT Chamber of Commerce has been in existence since 1966. The chamber of commerce in Ridgefield CT, serves as a resource for all businesses and as an advocate for local non-profit organizations. The Chamber was originally established as a not-for-profit venture to provide and promote vital business opportunities within the City of Ridgefield. To this day, it continues to enhance the economic viability of the community as well as enriching the lives of its citizens.


Today, the Ridgefield CT Chamber of Commerce includes over 400 members. The organization is led by a full-time team that operates under the auspices of a board of directors who generously donate their services on a volunteer basis. The Chamber works with members to carry out their civil mission known as “N.E.A.T.” This acronym stands for “Networking, Education, Advocacy, and Tourism.” These represent aspects of life in Ridgefield that are exemplary and feature ongoing activities to involve its citizenry.


Members are encouraged to serve on the Council to help direct the business activities of the Chamber. Once accepted, all council members have a chance to shape programming efforts and future community projects. Chamber of Commerce members enjoy opportunities to learn from other fellow members of the Ridgefield business community, social events, and meeting regularly in a mutually-beneficial organizational setting.

Charitable Works

Featured under this banner is the Ridgefield Chamber Foundation. This non-profit group makes educational enrichment through scholarships and area beautification projects its primary goals. Making this possible is the “Non-Profit Council” which meets every six weeks to facilitate local charities working with one another, generate non-profit funding, and attract new volunteers. This local group works exclusively with the Chamber to maintain the “Chamber for Good” web pages, where Ridgefield residents and non-profit groups can meet online to further discuss serving the community.


The Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce provides a vital link between over 1,000 community leaders and business professionals. Through their actions, a myriad of business and charitable works are launched each year to serve all ages of residents. Working with local government officials, former business-friendly initiatives have included the successful Destination Ridgefield, Shop Ridgefield, local Emergency Planning activities, and a large array of family-oriented entertainment events.

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