Redding CT Public School Systems Have an Array of Opportunities For Students

 Redding CT Public school systems

Despite being a fairly small town with fewer than 10,000 residents, the Redding CT Public school systems have received high marks from the GreatSchools rating division. Though area schools are governed by two distinct Boards of Education, local families have the final word on relevant issues. Board members use the experience qualifying them for their positions to offer guidance and suggestions on how the system’s funding should be spent, yet these proposals are only passed after the majority of parents agrees with them.

Catering to the Youngest School-Aged Citizens

Pre-K children through fourth graders are served by the Redding CT elementary school. With a rating of nine out of 10, parents and children alike say they enjoy their overall experience there. Programs are offered for gifted and high-performing students to nurture their thirst for learning and foster their educational efforts. Those who need extra help are catered to by a targeted assistance agenda, and plenty of additional resources are available to all.

Next in Line

Students moving on to grades five through eight attend John Read Middle School, which was expanded in 1999 to better accommodate the town’s growing population. Also receiving a rating of nine, this representative of the Redding CT School Systems was recently among fewer than 300 institutions across the nation to be deemed a National Blue Ribbon School. A diverse range of students is among the many assets available to help prepare its student body for the next step in their lives.

Rounding out the Grade School Program

Redding CT high school freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors are served by Joel Barlow High School and its 10 out of 10 rating. As the only facility in Redding,CT school district nine, Joel Barlow educates students from both Redding and its neighboring town of Easton. Small class sizes are said to benefit students in this last leg of their grade school experience. Advanced Placement classes are also available to equip students for higher education opportunities.

In the Private Sector

Local parents looking into a private education for their children also have a number of options. Pre-schoolers have access to the Montessori School of Redding as well as a few other institutions designed for those who have yet to begin their grade school journey. St. Mary School in nearby Ridgefield offers enrollment to Pre-Kindergartners through eighth graders. Located in Fairfield, Notre Dame Catholic High School accommodates Freshmen through Seniors.

Another Interesting Educational Tool

As an outside resource, Redding students are always welcome at the Mark Twain Library. In addition to their extensive array of books and reference materials available to everyone, the library boasts 200 volumes donated by Samuel Clemens himself. It also functions as a museum of sorts, displaying a number of Mr. Clemens’ personal relics.

Along with the impressive Great Schools rankings, members of the Redding CT Public school systems invariably give the town’s academic institutions four-star ratings. Children gain the benefits of lower student-teacher ratios while receiving an education exceeding the tier of many schools in metropolis areas. Being overseen by dual Boards of Education, but ultimately driven by local parents, helps ensure students acquire a well-rounded educational experience.

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