Redding CT Pre Schools Provide Stellar Beginnings for Area Children

redding ct pre school

All parents are concerned with the quality of their children’s education—an education that, in most cases, formally begins in preschool. Preschool is where children first learn fundamental skills they will use for the rest of their lives—skills like counting, reading, consideration for others, and proficiency in communication. Quality preschool provides the first expansion of a child’s world: the opportunity to safely explore different concepts, meet other children, learn new skills, and establish a rudimentary value system. There are several exceptional Redding CT Pre Schools available from which area parents are invited to choose.

Landmark Preschool

The teachers at the prestigious Landmark Preschool motivate their young charges to boldly investigate the world. Children are encouraged to embrace new experiences, attempt new behaviors, and are given ample opportunity to play, learn, and socialize in a nurturing environment. Intrinsic to Landmark Preschool’s philosophy is the belief that childhood should be a time of wonder, exploration, discovery, and joy. Their program offers children a secure environment where they are allowed to develop emotionally, creatively, and intellectually. Music, Spanish, technology, and exercise are incorporated with age-appropriate reading, math, science, and handwriting. Landmark Preschool is widely considered one of the premier Pre Schools in Redding CT.
Wooster School

Also at the top of the list of exceptional Redding Pre Schools is the highly desirable Wooster School. Wooster offers small class groups that range in size from five to fifteen children. Wooster focuses first on providing children a sense of emotional, physical, and intellectual security. Primary consideration is given to the development of nurturing relationships. Children are prompted to think for themselves, develop their observational skills, and take note of their surroundings, making relevant use of their insights. It is Wooster’s goal to help preschoolers grow into healthy, happy young people who will be successful and contributing members of society. Working cooperatively with others, assuming responsibility, and developing a sense of purpose are primary themes at Wooster.
Montessori School of Redding

Like many Montessori schools in the United States, the Montessori School of Redding is dedicated to providing young children with a variety of rich sensory activities and many hands-on chances to learn and explore naturally. The Montessori educational program emphasizes learning as an innate, as well as individual, process. It endeavors to establish a pressure-free atmosphere where children are free to progress at their own pace and pursue whatever interests them. Classes are designed to provide children with exposure to various practical life experiences, math, language, sensory stimulation, science and geography. Children are encouraged to repeat behaviors as they desire and to create order from the world as they experience it.

Studies have shown the vast majority of a child’s brain development occurs before the age of five. In order to optimize this potential, children require quality, well-planned, and enriching stimuli. Providing such adventures in learning is what a good preschool is all about. Every preschool listed above is more than capable of equipping Redding area children with the skill sets necessary for them to flourish at the Redding CT elementary school, Ridgefield Academy, or the independent day school in nearby Middlefield.

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