How Staging a Connecticut Home Makes an Impact

staging a Connecticut home

There are many ways that staging a home makes a positive impact on the process of selling it.  Here just a few of them:

  1. Staging a Connecticut Home Helps Buyers to See Its Full Potential

Many buyers can’t see past the way a home looks right now to how it could look with a little TLC and tasteful decorating.  If you help them out by staging your home so that it looks its best, your sales price won’t suffer due to their inability to imagine what could have been.   You can help your home to look its best with carefully chosen accessories, tasteful furnishings, fresh paint on the walls, and an overall clean appearance.

  1. Staging a Connecticut Home Can Make a Home Appear More Spacious

Part of home staging involves getting rid of unsightly clutter.  Not only does clutter make a space look less appealing to buyers, but it can also make the home seem less spacious.  Create the illusion of more space when staging your home by getting rid of excess furniture and knick knacks for a clean, fresh look.

  1. It Can Increase the Curb Appeal of the Property

During normal everyday life, you may have some gardening tools strewn about, the garden hose snaking across the lawn, and a few stray weeds here and there.  Part of the staging process will involve removing these items that are lying around, and ensuring that your lawn, shrub beds, and gardens are weed-free and looking their best.  This will help to prevent potential buyers from seeing your property as “needing work”.  The last thing you want is for them to be viewing your property and thinking about how much weeding and yard clean-up they’re going to have to do if they buy it.  Instead, present them with a yard that evokes feelings of peace and tranquility so they’re more likely to want to buy!

  1. Staging a Connecticut Home Can Make Your Moving Process Easier

Just think of all the time you’ll save when moving if you’ve already gotten rid of, or packed away, all of those little knick knacks you had around your home.  And when you move out, you have to leave your home in clean condition anyways, so all of the cleaning you’re doing now to stage the home will mean less work for you later when you’re ready to move!

  1. Staging a Home Can Help to Ensure That its Style is In Sync With The Neighborhood

It is usually easier to sell a home if the style of the furnishings and decor matches the typical buyer that would be interested in living in the neighborhood.  For example, if you’re selling a home in a neighborhood that tends to attract hipsters, then very traditional decor would likely create a mismatch in the minds of buyers, making it less likely that your home will sell.  On the other hand, if you are selling a character home in a traditional neighborhood, that timeless furniture you have could be perfect!

Staging a Home Makes an Impact

Do take the time to stage your home properly before putting it on the market.  I can give you tips on what kinds of looks are popular in today’s market.  Or, if you have the budget to go all out, you can hire a home stager to come in and freshen up the look of your home.  All of your efforts will be well worth it when you put that “Sold!” sign up for your property.

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