Commuting in Ridgefield CT -Taking the Scenic Route To Work Without Driving

Commuting in Ridgefield CT

Commuting in Ridgefield, CT is a cinch, especially Ridgefield, CT to and from New York. The Metro-North Railroad will take you to Grand Central Station in Manhattan, NY. There are four stops on the New Haven line and depending on where you are in Ridgefield, they are easy to get to. The Ridgefield CT Train Schedule is easy to read and can help you get to your destination efficiently.

If you are in a North Ridgefield area such as Mamanasco, Fox Hill, or Rainbow Lake, there are plenty of trains heading to New York City. This stop is a 15-minute drive to Goldens Bridge and plenty of parking is available. This train ride will take approximately one hour and five minutes for you to arrive at Grand Central Station.

The Danbury, CT spur line is on the east side of town. It has a longer train ride, but a shorter drive time. During rush hour, there are three direct trains in the morning and three more in the afternoon. There is a shuttle bus from Ridgefield to the Katonah station.

Depending on what part of the city you are in, the Branchville station may be a shorter drive. However, the express trains are more limited. Always show up to the train station at least 15 minutes earlier than the arrival time. This way, you will decrease your chances of missing your train.

When commuting in Ridgefield,CT be sure to check your train schedule for any changes, as there are sometimes delays due to traffic accidents or breakdowns. The Metro-North line is maintained rather well, but there is always a chance of issues with trains breaking down. When parking, take note that most parking for the New Haven Line in and around Ridgefield is free.

Riding the trains can be fun and convenient, especially when going to work. This mode of transportation helps keep carbon emissions down. Another benefit to riding the rails is it decreases the level of traffic to and from New York City. Trains even save you a lot of money in gas. The Metro-North Railroad is an economic and environmentally sound mode of travel. Besides, everyone loves trains.

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