Commuting in Redding, CT Makes Life Much Easier

commuting in redding ct

Commuting in Redding CT, isn’t an issue for most, thanks to public transportation options available to all residents. In addition, those who find they need to make the trip from Redding CT to New York discover doing so by train or car is easy. As there is so much to see and do in the New England area, one may find they wish to travel on a regular basis to see new sites and cities. Before anyone takes a trip, they should check the nearest train station in Redding along with the nearest airports to Redding CT to determine which travel options are best. When Commuting in Redding CT, let’s explore the many options that are available to you:

Traveling By Train

If one wishes to travel by train, make use of the Redding train station located off Long Ridge Road. The station is located near Route 53, making it a good option for the citizens of Redding, and one may park there for only $5 a day. In addition, train riders may purchase an annual permit for $150. An additional option is the Branchville station, found on Portland Avenue just off Route 7. Redding residents find this station is only a few minutes from Georgetown and Route 107. Train schedules may be obtained by contacting Metro-North Commuter Railroad at 800-638-7646 or by visiting Amtrak serves the main line at Norwalk and Westport, and schedules for Amtrak trains are found at or by calling 1-800-872-7245.

Traveling By Air

Individuals needing to travel by air find they have a number of airports to select from. Individuals with access to a private plane may choose between Sikorsky Memorial Airport in Stratford or Danbury Municipal Airport in Danbury. Neither airport accommodates commercial flights, although Danbury does offer aircraft rentals, charter services, sightseeing rides, and flight instruction. Westchester County Airport, located in New York, serves United, U.S. Air, American, and Northwest. LaGuardia, in contrast, serves 22 airlines and is only 30 minutes away. Kennedy Airport requires one drive 90 minutes, but this airport accommodates more airlines. One last option is Bradley International Airport located in Boston, although one must drive approximately one hour and 15 minutes to reach the terminal, and only fifteen airlines fly out of the Bradley terminals. Phone numbers for each airport are listed below.

  • Bradley International Airport 86-=292-2000 or 888-624-1533
  • Danbury Municipal Airport 794-4624
  • Kennedy Airport 718-244-4444
  • LaGuardia 718-533-3400
  • Sikorsky Memorial Airport 203-576-7498
  • Westchester County Airport 914-285-4850

Traveling By Bus or Limo

Bus service is available in Redding CT. For local transportation, residents make use of Norwalk Transit, and the bus schedules may be obtained by visiting or calling 852-0000. Bonanza and Greyhound depart from the Danbury Bus Terminal (748-1353), while Greyhound and Peter Pan operate out of the station located at 30 Station Place (343-9999) in Stamford. Individuals in need of a ride to the airport or transportation to or from the Radisson Hotel in Danbury may call on Connecticut Limousine (1-800-472-5466) for assistance.

Commuting in Redding CT has never been easier thanks to the numerous options. One can always find a ride when they need it most, and the cost is very reasonable regardless of which option is selected. Residents find this is just one more thing they love about the city they call home.

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